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United We'll Beat

United We'll Beat

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Smoke & Mirrors is one of many bars that have found ways to bottle their cocktails and wheelsonthebars.sg is only increasing awareness for them. Please go directly to Smoke & Mirrors if you would like to order; check the respective sites/platform/social media for available delivery methods.

The Lowdown

Got milk? Got Vodka. This is a mix that features a sustainable spirit made by an English dairy farmer distilled from whey. Each sip is a rich buttery mouthful of flavour surrounded by delicate nutty flavours from a Spanish sherry wine.

Place inside the freezer for about 90 minutes before serving neat in a small glass. This process will make the liquid reach around -10ºC for that perfect sip. A good martini is always best-served extra cold.


Pure Milk Vodka, Oloroso Sherry Wine

The Tasting Notes

Dry & Nutty


1 (100ml Bottle)
2.5 (250ml Pouch)
5 (500ml Bottle)