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Shin Gi Tai's Chartered Flight - Ginza

Shin Gi Tai's Chartered Flight - Ginza

Shin Gi Tai
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Standard Delivery: It is outside of Shin Gi Tai's operating hours but you can place your order now to get it on Monday between 6-10pm.

Express Delivery: Not available outside of Shin Gi Tai's operating hours.

The Lowdown

Flight of 3 cocktail drinks, good as a gift or for your own consumption. Add a note if it's meant as a gift! Choose 3 from the list below and indicate in the "Cart Notes". Each bottle is 70ml.

1. Yakuza Bad Boy
Cognac, Calvados, Cointreau Noir
Tasting Notes: Strong, bold and hint of sweetness

2. Sakuratombo
Gin, Sakura Vermouth, Green Apple Liqueur, Fresh Lemon Juice
Tasting Notes: Refreshing, Citrus with a hint of sweetness

3. Sweet September
Dark Rum, Port Wine, Maraschino Liqueur
Tasting Notes: Strong, sweet, hint of fruitiness

4. My 3rd February
Bourbon, DOM, Cynar, Apricot Brandy
Tasting Notes: Strong, bold and sweet

5. Akafuji
Gin, Cherry Herring, Fresh Lime Juice, Port Wine, Strawberry Syrup
Tasting Notes: Refreshing, citrus with a hint of sweetness

6. Bright Side
Cucumber Gin, Midori, Sloe Gin, Fresh Pineapple Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice
Tasting Notes: Fruity, sweet and sour

How to order?
Choose either option - 'Choose My Own' or 'Let Bar Decide'. For 'Let Bar Decide', the wonderful bartenders at Shin Gi Tai will decide the combination of drinks for you. In 'Choose My Own', let us know the combination of drinks you would like in the cart notes at checkout, following the examples below.

1 flight - 2x Akafuji, 1x Bright Side
2 flights - 3x Sakuratombo, 2x My 3rd February, 1x Bright Side


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