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TSCxHugo Pick A Peck Of

TSCxHugo Pick A Peck Of

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The Lowdown

We love a good ol’ Mai Tai, a nostalgic reminiscent of sunny afternoons on the beach. But what if we fizz it up, add a lil paw paw goodness into the classic Mai Tai?

Papaya seeds have been known for imparting a peppery kick to vinaigrettes; in this case, we picked a peck of papaya seeds and formulated a syrup with peanut shells and pita crust from our diligent friends for a savoury, nutty dimension.

We’ve amplified the fruitiness of Mount Gay rum with Cointreau orange liqueur and a touch of cider vinegar pickled green papaya brine as a replacement for lime, thus extending the shelf life of the cocktail.

Munch into the dried pickled papaya as an added appetiser, we’re certain Peter Piper would be proud!


Mount Gay Rum, Cointreau, Papaya Seed, Pickled Green Papaya, Peanut Shell Pita Crust, Citric Acid, Angostura

The Tasting Notes

Savoury, Tangy, Nutty


1 (100ml)
5 (500ml)
7 (750ml)


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