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TSCxHugo New Wineskins

TSCxHugo New Wineskins

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The Lowdown

A light, creamy daytime pick-me-up that’s low in abv and sugar, It utilises the fresh green notes of papaya skin-infused gin and Mancino’s Bianco vermouth. The tropical and floral aroma of the vermouth is further accentuated with the dry and crisp notes of an upcycled reduction of wine and the aroma of the jasmine. Matcha milk tea is curdled and clarified before adding into the drink, contributing to its texture and also preserving it.


Mancino Bianco, Papaya Skin Gin, White Wine Reduction, Clarified Matcha Cream

The Tasting Notes

Light, Velvety, Floral


1 (100ml)
5 (500ml)
7 (750ml)


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