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TSCxHugo Leaf & Let Live

TSCxHugo Leaf & Let Live

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The Lowdown

Flat tonics are never the issue here and we’ve made a papaya leaf stock with the tonics that couldn’t be used during our closure.

The bitterness is then further balanced with the floral nectar of honey and paired with chocolate and wine, which serves as the perfect post-meal indulgence.

Lest that isn’t enough, pair it with the fried salted papaya leaves for a nice savoury touch. After meals can’t get any better when your favourite dessert doesn’t leave you crapulent.


Vodka, Papaya Leaves, Tonic Stock, Red Wine, Cocoa, Fried Papaya Leaves

The Tasting Notes

Honeyed, Dry, Decadent


1 (100ml)
5 (500ml)
7 (750ml)


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