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Feel My Energy

Feel My Energy

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Smoke & Mirrors is one of many bars that have found ways to bottle their cocktails and wheelsonthebars.sg is only increasing awareness for them. Please go directly to Smoke & Mirrors if you would like to order; check the respective sites/platform/social media for available delivery methods.

The Lowdown

Inspired by the vintage classic Hanky Panky cocktail, this is a strong and sultry concoction is energised with roots, herbs and spices. Made with an Australian Gin that pays an earthy homage to the six seasons of the calendar of the Noongar people — Indigenous Western Australians.

Place inside the freezer for about 90 minutes before serving neat in a small glass. This process will make the liquid reach around -10ºC for that perfect sip.


Herbal Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Bitter Aperitif

The Tasting Notes

Herbal, Bittersweet


1 (100ml Bottle)
2.5 (250ml Pouch)
5 (500ml Bottle)