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TSCxHugo Butter Me Up?

TSCxHugo Butter Me Up?

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The Lowdown

Ever crave that embrace in a stormy night, blankets your fears and caresses your head into sleep?

Butter Me Up? is a keen concoction which warms the soul with a baked papaya butter washed whisky, contrasted along with a homemade spiced papaya liqueur that refuses to let the punch of the booze sink even with the dilution of a soothing chamomile tea. Rounded and balanced with a full bodied sherry wine, this full-bodied libation helps you wind down for swift slumber.


Baked Papaya Buttered Scotch, Spiced Papaya Liqueur, Oloroso, Chamomile, Spiced Papaya Cracker

The Tasting Notes

Stiff, Fruity, Rich


1 (100ml)
5 (500ml)
7 (750ml)


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