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A Japanese-esque craft cocktail bar by veteran bartender Anthony Zhong that stirs up classic cocktails in a homey space. There's a lot of method and very little madness in Shin Gi Tai, which specialises in hand-carved ice and expertly crafted classics – its Negroni has developed a cult-like following. It doesn't usually have a defined menu since regulars would know them by heart, or challenge bar owner Anthony with one of his off-menu escapades.

The bottled cocktails from Shin Gi Tai are handcrafted carefully by our team of bartenders. We can bottle a wide range of cocktails ranging from the classics to the bespoke, and they are delivered to you islandwide by Wheels On The Bars. Do check with our friendly bartender regarding the creation of your own bespoke cocktails.

As a general guide, each cocktail at Shin Gi Tai contains about 50-75ml. The 300ml bottle is equivalent to approximately 4 cocktails and the 500ml bottle is equivalent to approximately 7 cocktails. 

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