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Chendol Gin

Chendol Gin

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COMPENDIUM is one of many bars that have found ways to bottle their cocktails and wheelsonthebars.sg is only increasing awareness for them. Please go directly to COMPENDIUM if you would like to order; check the respective sites/platform/social media for available delivery methods.

The Lowdown

The second in Compendium’s releases is one with plenty to love, and one that stays with you for a long time.

Distilled from fermented gula melaka, then re-distilled with juniper, pandan and coconut on a pot still, you’ll find robust fruity notes that lingers long on your palate and olfactory senses with this gin.

It is the perfect balance of potency and subtlety, thanks to a fragrance you can’t miss but so welcomed you wish will never dissipate as a sensation. Soft, vibrant and reminiscent of the most delicious chendol dessert you’ve had, the Chendol Gin is best first tasted on its own, then mixed with a light tonic that brings out the layered fragrances contained in the spirit.


Juniper Berries, Pandan Leaves, Coconut

The Tasting Notes