On behalf of our partner bars, we thank you for all your support thus far. Continue supporting them safely!

#ProjectWOTB1k hit!

project1000 target*image adapted from Arianna Sbaffi from Noun Project

Show your support for our local bars with an order—every single order helps their cash flow during this difficult time. These bars are certainly looking forward to welcome you at their premises when the circuit breaker ends. So in the meantime, #ProjectWOTB1k has a modest aim of achieving $1000 in sales for the bars that are selling their bottled cocktails on Wheelsonthebars. 100% of the sales proceeds go to the bars!

Sales generated for bars since 9 April: $1190/$1000

Commissions so far: $0

It took some time but you guys came through and helped to hit our target! While small, every little bit counts for these bars. In light of this, despite some bars deciding to offer free delivery, we now offer a delivery option where you can 'give back' the delivery fee to the bar. So thanks to everyone who has supported our local bars thus far and we hope for your continued support! Would also love for you guys to share photos of your bottled cocktails on social media with the following tags to help spread the word! #sgunited #savefnbsg #ProjectWOTB #ProjectWOTB1k