On behalf of our partner bars, we thank you for all your support thus far. Continue supporting them safely!


Show your support for our local bars with an order—every single order helps their cash flow during this difficult time. These bars are certainly looking forward to welcome you at their premises when the circuit breaker ends.

Sales generated for bars since 9 April: $10340/$10000

Commissions so far: $0

As we finish the 6th week of this initiative, we're still somewhat surprised by the amount of drinks you guys order 😉 which has certainly gone a long way in helping us reach the 10k target; that's also the exact amount that has gone right back to the bars. We've been very encouraged by more bars continuing to join as our WOTB-artners (shoutout to Hopscotch and especially The Single Cask who are independent whisky bottlers that have banded together with a friend of theirs to come up with some wonderful papaya-centred creations). At the same time, we've learned new things alongside the bars when they experiment with new marketing ideas and new ways to reach out to their customers. As well, it does seem like more and more customers are getting used to the idea of bottling their cocktails to enjoy in the comfort of their home—who knows if this will become the new normal?

All in all, the solidarity shown to the F&B industry in general (couple of such Facebook groups and sites around) is really heartwarming. While we hope things will gradually return to normal soon—Phase 3 couldn't come any sooner—everybody has probably learnt a lot on about coping with adversity, regardless as individuals or businesses.

Well, until we're allowed back into the bars, we hope for your continued support for our local bars as usual 🙏🙏🙏! #sgunited #savefnbsg #ProjectWOTB