On behalf of our partner bars, we thank you for all your support thus far. Continue supporting them safely!

#ProjectWOTB #lovecocktails3000 hit!

lovecocktails3000target target

Show your support for our local bars with an order—every single order helps their cash flow during this difficult time. These bars are certainly looking forward to welcome you at their premises when the circuit breaker ends.

Sales generated for bars since 9 April: $3160/$3000

Commissions so far: $0

When we first hit #ProjectWOTB1k, we were quietly surprised. As we came up with #lovecocktails3000, honestly, we thought we were being a bit too optimistic but you guys came through; we hit our second target in half the time needed to hit the first. We're super grateful for the huge support given to our initiative, validating what we have done so far and giving us credence. But more than that, we're just glad to be able to lend our support to our independent bars. Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, Canjob Taproom and Komyuniti have recently doubled the number of bars and drinks available on our platform! For bars that would like to list with us, hit us up! Hopefully as more bars and more drinks become available, there will be even more of you finding it easier to choose from a variety of cocktails. Who knows, we might start allowing multi-bar orders soon if we can work out the operational kinks ;)

Finally, just a small little favour we're asking of you, especially those who ordered, post a picture and share! And also, hope for your continued support 🙏🙏🙏! #sgunited #savefnbsg #ProjectWOTB #lovecocktails3000