On behalf of our partner bars, we thank you for all your support thus far. Continue supporting them safely!

#ProjectWOTB #lovecocktails3000

lovecocktails3000target target

Show your support for our local bars with an order—every single order helps their cash flow during this difficult time. These bars are certainly looking forward to welcome you at their premises when the circuit breaker ends.

Sales generated for bars since 9 April: $2517/$3000

Commissions so far: $0

It was only yesterday where we hit the $1000 target from #ProjectWOTB1k, taking us just about 2 weeks to do so. Probably because media coverage was only starting to take root and we also started getting shares and shout outs on social media in the last week or so. Thanks goes to Honeycombers, TimeOut SG, Straits Times and everyone else who gave us a shout out. So we were thinking hard about what the next target should be and we were hit with a flash of inspiration—a quote by a certain armoured superhero, which resulted in #lovecocktails3000.

Honestly, we thought we were being a bit too optimistic when we set this target yesterday... but our concerns were blasted right out the stratosphere. We weren't expecting this at all but the day is nearly coming to an end and sales of bottled cocktails over the past 2 days was 150% of the first 2 weeks; as you can see we're already closing in on #lovecocktails3000. Perhaps with a little push on Sunday, you can get us over the line! We're super thankful for the huge support given to our initiative, validating what we have done so far and giving us credence. But more than that, we're just glad to be able to lend our support to our independent bars—in our own small little way—as they tide through this trying period. If they are/were any hiccups during the delivery, we appreciate if you bear with us.

Finally, just a small little favour we're asking of you, especially those who ordered, post a picture and share! And also, hope for your continued support 🙏🙏🙏! #sgunited #savefnbsg #ProjectWOTB #lovecocktails3000