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The Importance of Ice for your Cocktails

Stir it or shake it?

In general, shaken drinks are much colder than the stirred version, sometimes by as much as 10 degrees. The shaking also cuts the spirit proof by 50%. Stirred drinks are higher proof. So far, bottled cocktails available in Singapore don’t require shaking, and can be served over ice. Just make sure you stir it enough to chill the drink.

Bartenders stir almost all drinks. Normally, only drinks that contain citrus, egg whites, cream get shaken to thoroughly incorporate all the ingredients and create a beautiful, cloud-like froth.

How to Make Good Ice at Home

Ice plays a part in the taste of the drink. To ensure your ice is fresh, you want to store it in a plastic bag or container so it won't get exposed to all kinds of raw food you kept in your freezer. If you're in doubt, do a sniff and taste test before pouring the cocktail. If you want to try and make good, clear ice at home, check out some of the experiments made by cocktail writer here.

What kind of the ice should I use for my cocktail

Rule of thumb is spherical ice cubes melts slowly than cubed ice, hence don’t dilute the drink as much as cubed ice.

Anything normally served in a lowball glass does better with cubed or spherical ice. a nice big cube of ice works well with an Old Fashioned. Those that include a bubbly mixer, such as tonic water, should be made with square cubes because the shape preserve carbonation. Juleps, cobblers and swizzles require crushed ice.


Source: Food Republic and Food Hacks